What Is the Fire Foam Cannon?

IMG_0768The Fire Foam Cannon is the first and only program that provides the equipment and a customized training session for the fire departments surrounding the community where it is located. This truck is specifically designed for spills and fires that can happen in cities and remote areas surrounding rail tracks and roads. Typical municipal fire trucks are not made to go off-road like the Fire Foam Cannon, which carries 1980 gallons of foam, compared to 20-50 gallons typically carried by a municipal fire truck. The Fire Foam Cannon can go off road and direct its heavy 2000 gallon per minute (GPM) stream several hundred feet. The municipal truck can’t go off road, doesn’t carry enough foam and can’t shoot a stream far enough. You can have the best equipment, but it is useless if not used safely and correctly. The Fire Foam Cannon training provided is customized to each region, incorporates local resources and is conducted by experienced instructors.


For what the Bakken Oil Region has done for the State of North Dakota’s economy and the results of less dependence on foreign oil, there is a downside. The excessive flammability of this “light sweet” crude oil has been involved in several disasters. July 7th, 2013, Quebec Canada had a wild train derail and the Bakken crude exploded upon derailment taking the lives of 47. Later, Alabama had a derailment that involved an explosion of Bakken crude oil, and on December 30th, 2013 Casselton, North Dakota had a derailment and explosion – which luckily occurred outside of the City itself sparing countless lives and property damage.

The bottom line is the Fire Departments of our Country are ill prepared for major flammable liquid fires at train derailments, traffic accidents, pipelines, ports, tank farms and loading stations.


Fire Foam Cannon (patent pending), is an affordable, heavy duty, 4×4 truck containing enough fire/spill suppressing foam to shoot a heavy/long distance stream of foam and water (finished foam) for up to three hours, depending on flow rate. Utilizing manpower and fire equipment from local communities is paramount to the success of mitigating any sized oil fire or spill. It takes several fire trucks (pumpers and tankers/tenders) to supply the necessary water for the Fire Foam Cannon to mix with its foam. The inventor has developed a customized training program that is customized to each regions available resources. Training is included with each Fire Foam Cannon purchase.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at 701-425-5454 or e-mail us at firefoamcannon@gmail.com.

KXMB TV – Fire Foam Cannon video below




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